Meet the Team


John Gonsalves

Co-Founder, Teacher & Bodywork Therapist

JohnJohn14 has always marveled about life.  He believes there’s more to life than meets the eye, and perceives every life experience as an opportunity to summon life force, to evolve and to grow.  His Spiritual journey began around age 16, when he felt drawn towards a deeper understanding of the Self and of Life. This led to an M. Phil. and over two decades working with people from all walks of life, inspiring them to believe in their magnificence and achieve new levels of success. 

Through meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices, his interest in subjects like consciousness, energy and spiritual living only deepened.  Certified in a combination of disciplines like Yoga and Meditation, Acupressure, Thai Reflexology and Thai Yoga Bodywork, John continues to explore healing arts in its various forms. He brings a warm blend of expertise, wisdom and vision to the path of personal and spiritual growth, as he inspires wellness for everyday living.  In all this, he still creates time to enjoy music, reading, driving, sports and nature.

Yolanda Gonsalves

Co-Founder, Life Coach & Transpersonal Therapist

lana19A day-dreamer by nature, Yolanda believes that life is a gift to be enjoyed.  She appreciates the variety of life, and credits her most valued life lessons to her corporate life and over a decade doing what she’s truly passionate about – co-creating and uplifting people.  Her ability to tune-in to energy, and a keen awareness of her own guidance, led her into the world of wellness and metaphysics.

With a Masters in Counseling and trained as a Life Coach and Transpersonal Therapist, she integrates her life experiences with learned skills to teach, uplift and facilitate adults and children, on their wellness journey.  Her philosophy that we are leading-edge creators of our own lives, keeps her in balance, when helping clients learn how to deliberately create their own life experiences. Through her client-centered, joy-focused approach she facilitates exploration, acceptance and positive change.  She also keeps herself in alignment with music, gardening, reading and her new venture Palate Perks – which complements Shalom’s food for body-mind-spirit.



TokSen & Thai Yoga Therapist

Manjunath is an Internationally certified Fitness trainer, Sports performance coach, Kettlebell and Barefoot Trainer, Tok Sen & Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapist.  He comes with a combined 12 years experience as a sports coach, fitness coach, and bodywork therapist working with students and adults in athletics coaching, fitness training, and bodywork therapy.   His core areas of focus are fitness, stamina, core strength building, flexibility, performance, endurance, functional and conditioning workout.

He believes that each individual is powerful, and values self-respect, self-confidence, mental balance and consistency.  According to him, his greatest satisfaction comes from seeing others happy, healthy and fit, and the sports achievements by the students he works with.  Besides regular exercise, workouts and weight training to keep himself in balance and harmony, he also enjoys music, trekking, riding and adventure.

Padmini Menon

Alexander Technique Teacher
PadminiPadmini Menon teaches the Alexander Technique in Bangalore. To the best of our knowledge, she is the only trained resident Alexander teacher in India.  She started her career as a teacher of English at Rishi Valley in Madanapalle, and later at the Valley School in Bangalore. In 2004 her fascination with the Alexander Technique, which she’d come across many years earlier, resurfaced and she went off to the UK to train as an Alexander Technique teacher, and returned in 2008 after 3 years at the Brighton Alexander Technique College.


She now teaches the Technique in Bangalore, working with people from all walks of life, and all age groups. Some come for lessons because of problems like RSI, chronic back, neck or shoulder pain. Others are performers who want to either deal with a problem, or learn how to perform with greater ease and power. Still others come simply because they want to develop a greater sense of wellbeing. She has conducted classes and workshops in the Alexander Technique in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. She has also taught an Alexander Technique Introductory course to the second year students at the National School of Drama, Delhi.