At Shalom Wellness (founded in 2009) we take a holistic approach that assimilates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, as we inspire wellness for everyday living.  We believe that care is better than cure.  Care offers the emotion of love, appreciation, empowerment and fun, all of which align with our very purpose of life – Joy!

We also believe that our natural state of being is happy, healthy, whole and complete.  So in essence, to take care is to allow the energy of love to flow to us and through us, keeping us in balance and harmony with who-we-really-are.

Our holistic approach hinges on taking deliberate care to maintain our state of being.  You’ll find that our wellness buffet of body-mind-spirit practices, programs and therapies help you on this journey of flowing, molding and balancing your energy.  We facilitate positive change progressively moving from Awareness through Acceptance, to Allowing.

“Happiness meets Health” is our mantra.  It has proved to be the best antidote and the best form of self-care and self-love.  

So, join us on this co-creative journey and experience for yourself when, where and how Happiness Meets Health.






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