Joy of Breathing

Know your Breath, Know Yourself



We all know that breath is a vital element for us; that breathing is the single most important function of our body; that our intelligent body takes care of our breathing; that our lungs have tremendous capacity to take in more air.

The question is: Do we breathe correctly?  Do we breathe enough?  The truth is 9 out of 10 of us aren't, even though we are blessed with a great environment, and with air freely available and in abundance too. 

Joy of Breathing is designed to help you realize all of the above, learn the how-tos of better breathing, better health and a better life; as well as the value of more oxygen the wonder drug in our life. 

This 20-hour experiential program is offered over a period of 2 months, to help you not only learn new breathing techniques, but to also practice and expand your awareness.  With fun exercises and a new breathing technique each week you will begin to experience an improved metabolism, a change in your bodys chemistry, cleansing of toxins 70% is processed through exhalation, a better mind-body relationship and improved overall health

As you become aware of and change the way you breathe, it in turn changes the way you live it changes the quality of your life.