The Alexander Technique-

The Alexander Technique-


The Alexander Technique


Change from the Inside

The Alexander Technique is a simple and elegant discipline that deals with habits of tightening which we hold deep within ourselves. They’re not good for us, but we’re so used to them that they feel normal.


They’re with us in simple acts like sitting, standing or walking around, as well as in complex actions like working on the computer, or playing a musical instrument. They’re also with us when we deal with stressful situations.  They not only affect our movement, they can also cause problems like back, neck and shoulder pain, high blood pressure, tension headaches and so on.


Alexander lessons help us become aware of these deeply rooted tensions and release them, so that the body expands into its natural, elastic, balanced state. The skills you learn in these lessons will make a remarkable difference to the way in which you approach your day, and the way in which you respond to the various things, good and bad, that life has to offer.


This short clip gives a brief description of how the Alexander Technique can help with back pain, and indeed, with anything else you want to do!  
The Alexander Technique For Back Pain - and Anything Else!