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Here's what our Co-creators have to say. We do hope they inspire you.

Thiviya Saravanan


I started with Yoga sessions at Shalom and felt refreshed after each class.
A Better Life & Let Life Work For You have helped me experience more joy, freedom & growth.I am now more comfortable meditating.It was here that I learnt to love and approve of myself.I am paying attention to the vibrations I am offering these days & am more at peace with myself and everyone around me.It's very satisfying to learn better ways to cope with our personal challenges & receive feedback.Thanks Yolanda & John

Hasita Krishna

Bangalore, Content Writer

I went into Life Coaching with no prior expectation, except that I wanted to get to know myself better in the company of someone I trust very much. Consistency was my friend throughout the coaching series. With small steps for myself, and a giant leap for my life, it has led me to becoming more at peace with myself. The focused approach and a hypnotherapy session in between helped immensely. I would recommend that anyone who is feeling stuck, or wondering where life is going, or just want to make improvements to their personal and professional life should definitely give life coaching a good shot.


Bangalore, Software Engineer

Shalom has become synonymous to wellness for me, I am experiencing most of the programs they offer Joy of breathing ,meditation, reflexology package, A better life and let life work for you courses. It has given a new perspective to life for me , I have started believing life is an experience journey to be enjoyed moment by moment rather a journey to achieve something at appropriate age milestones. All their programs gives me chance to remind myself of that.

Harsha Vardhan


I am truly thankful to John Gonsalves for helping my mother with her Yoga sessions and Thai Foot reflexology sessions which helped in maintain good health as well as controlled diabetics. John has been constantly informing and updating me with my mother’s progress and which has given me a sense of confidence and satisfaction about her health as I am settled in the United Kingdom.

Raghavan S.

Manager, Grassroots BPO, Bangalore

I have learnt to just be myself, rather than acting for the sake of others. I’m also re-gaining my lost resilience. The best thing I liked about the program was Yolanda and John’s patience, handling our requirements with ease and helping us find our own solutions with the available resources. Definitely would to be a part of your programs whenever possible as it gives such a boost to every individual who has desire to be happy and let happiness float around. Also the time sense and eagerness during the program of 4 weeks is just commendable. I appreciate the same with all my heart.

Dr. Nutan Kachhap


I used to read about yoga and meditation and always wanted to experience it. The opportunity to experience this came through my friend Kiran when I heard about 'Shalom Wellness'. From then it has been a wonderful journey and it has helped in many ways. The program 'Let Life Work For You' has actually worked for me and throughout my pregnancy I was able to attend and it has made me a more calmer person and to be able to appreciate all the things around me. John and Yolanda give more than 100% as always and I really appreciate the efforts put in by them to shape my personality and I wish that their ventures bloom with many flowers so more of us can appreciate their good work.

Diana Reuben


'Let life work for you' and indeed it does work for you, if you just let it be. Before attending this program, I thought meditation and yoga was not my cup of tea. I joined this program with a very open mind and what an impact it has made in my life. It has helped me love and accept myself just the way I am, to be the 'REAL ME'. I have learnt to appreciate more often and love the contrasts in my life. Yolanda and John are always there to listen to us patiently and yet allow us to make our own decisions. They add a personal touch and make all our sessions meaningful and enjoyable. Thanks to John, I've started to love Yoga too. Heartfelt appreciation and all the best to SHALOM.

Gowri Mahadev


I feel relaxed after my Yoga class, both in body and mind. The whole day is wonderful, calm and peaceful. It makes me more active and flexible. Thanks John.

Anuja Zachariah


My yoga sessions with John are very enriching experiences thus far. It has made me far more flexible than I used to be and the 15 minute relaxation period at the end of every class truly makes me feel relaxed and rejuvenated for the day. Thank you Shalom!

Zachariah John

Businessman, Bangalore

In attending "Let Life Work for You" my self-confidence is restored and I’ve begun to taste the wonder of life. Words like problem, sickness, scarcity, hatred, are now replaced with expansion, wellness, abundance and relationships. Meditation, Appreciation and understanding the Law of Attraction, have all taught me to get into my vortex and live more in the "Now". The program is really fun, with over 30 processes (that they call games), and well structured over 3 months, to help you raise your vibrations that are in tune with your Inner Source. A big thank you to John and Yolanda the co-creators of this wonderful program. Always there with a smile, adding life to the program, yet giving each individual the patience and space to expand in one’s own likeness and time. True to its name ‘Shalom’ vibrates with positive energy and it is a real pleasure to experience it.

Anand Gomes

Lawyer, Bangalore

Till I met John and Yolanda, I was literally sleep-walking through life – lost, confused, without purpose, struggling with workaholism, indiscipline, self-hatred, fear, anxiety, frustration. Attending ‘Let Life Work for You’, my life completely changed. I feel like a prisoner set free after years of confinement. Faith, optimism, certainty, hope, love, joy is my new vocabulary. The techniques, meditations, and understanding the Law of Attraction, have helped me realize that it was I who resisted all good things from God. I now trust the power within me, which constantly guides me to be my own unique self, and no longer live as others want me to.

Sailakshmi Arunachalam

Senior Consultant/Bangalore/India

My experience with Shalom Wellness has been holistic, enriching and fulfilling to say the least. Besides role modelling the desired behaviors, Yolanda and John have inspired me in more ways than one. Their ability to articulate the wellness practices, clarify queries of the co-creators and give them the necessary nudge to be consistent with Abraham's teachings is impeccable. Their approach to wellness is comprehensive and enables the co-creators to truly be in alignment with WHO-THEY-REALLY-ARE

Diana Reuben


Life Coaching has taught me to think in new and better ways. These 12 weeks of focus have helped me find clarity in the midst of confusion and uncertainty, and increase my self-confidence and self-worth as well. The environment and the structure allowed ideas, options and opportunities to emerge, supercharging my energy and inspiration to meet my goals. I’m so in love with this new version of ME. My heartfelt appreciation to Yolanda, my Life Coach who listens in a special way – paying attention to not just my words, but the unspoken meaning of my communication.

Sudhir Reddy

Grassroots BPO, Bangalore

I am personally experiencing the benefits. It has become a part of my life. My day starts with meditation and segment intending. Thank you so much for the excellent program.

Prema Zachariah


Shalom is a very calm and relaxing place to be in. Yoga has helped me to be much more calm and focused. Physically I have become more flexible and agile! I enjoy all the sessions. Thanks John.

Julian Reuben


I came to the "Let Life Work For You" course with an open mind; and YES! It did work for me. Now I can take life as it comes, with all its contrasts, knowing that each one is a learning experience for me. My life has changed from being one where I was pushing uphill against all obstacles, to one where it is just one, big, easy, downhill ride... My heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to John & Yolanda at Shalom Wellness for this!

Tanya Cardoso

EY, Bangalore

Many thanks to Shalom for slowly and steadily helping me to challenge the 'writings on my wall' through the Let Life Work for You programme. The course helped me to be accepting of what is, more aware of self and has made me more confident in who I am. It has instilled in me the belief that I CAN get what I want (and what I don't want ;)) My sincere appreciation and gratitude to Yolanda and John for their generosity, warmth and focused attention. Cheers!


Grassroots BPO, Bangalore

I have got my focus back and realised alternate yet simple ways to rediscover myself. I see positives most of the times and don’t feel compatible with negative energies surrounding me. I loved the meditation, loving ‘self’, and the Abra-ca-dabra concept. The program was conducted very well, and I am appreciative of it.

Meena Ganatra

EY, Bangalore

I was looking for a structured course to understand how Law of Attraction works and the timing couldn't have been better! For someone like me who never meditated all my life, learning that and the benefits that come out of it are outstanding. The universe suddenly seems to know what I want and places the right people, circumstances and events in a manner that delight me :). John and Yolanda add warmth, love and a personal touch to what they do at Shalom. If you know what you want and would want to attract it into your life this is the place to go to ! and If you do not know what you want and want to find out THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO TO!

Jasmine Paul


Let Life Work for You’ has taught me to love and accept myself as I am. It has helped me to break all barriers that were hindering my personal growth. I now connect more powerfully with my Inner Being (Spiritual Being) for guidance, rather than others. I enjoyed the activities and exercises during the workshop, and now experience less stress in my life. The guided meditations, techniques and understanding the law of attraction continue to help me attract and create a better life.

Asha Kumar

NGO Consultant, Bangalore

The program is like a window to Yourself. It facilitates understanding and acknowledging your inner self, getting attuned to the source within. Initiation into meditation, numerous exercises, affirmations and life guiding thoughts and awareness techniques all help in daily life, especially in difficult situations. The program is very personalised and in small groups thereby indivdual attention is assured, and the group forms a solidarity. With regular practice of the many techniques, change is surely experienced like calmness of mind, maturity in different situations, happiness, personal growth, etc.

Sabrina Cano

Central Govt. Employee, Bangalore

The Let Life Work For You program is just what the doctor ordered for the soul. The guided meditations and the life processes taught are awesome tools which have empowered me and have guided me on the path of self confidence. Experiencing the Law of Attraction is amazing as I am able to see some of what I think and visualize manifest in my life. I have learnt to pay more attention to the way I feel and deliberately choose thoughts which make me feel good. Attending this program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Kudos to John and Yolanda for their lively and fun filled presentations and fulfilling interactions!

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