A Better ME

Self-help from your Total Self

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration."

~ Nikola Tesla

A Better Life is like a window to yourself, carefully structured to help you feel empowered. To feel empowered is to take responsibility of your own feelings first. You then express through the clarity of your own example, instead of your words, and from a position of love instead of fear.  When you are happy and at peace within, everyone around you will pick up on your positive vibes, and offer you more of the same.

The program teaches you how to tap into your Inner Power through Meditation, Relaxation, Imagination (your own personal MRI). In quieting the body and the mind, you begin to listen more to your true guidance and feel empowered. Structured over eight segments of 100 minutes each, the program helps you gradually become aware of and release negative thoughts and emotions, fears and limiting beliefs. You then begin to experience positive changes in yourself and the way you perceive things, as well as notice visible changes in other areas of your life – home, relationships, health, career. 

We journey together with practice, patience and perseverance and encourage sharing of perspectives, realizations and experiences, in a safe environment.  The program is also filled with a careful assortment of guided meditations, relaxation techniques and fun processes to help enhance self-awareness, perceptions, overall health and self-esteem.



  • Awareness of one’s thoughts, beliefs and emotions

  • Tuning in to one’s Inner Power

  • Working through limiting thoughts and beliefs

  • Creating new habits and positive thought patterns

  • Learning how Self-love can empower

  • Learning to think, speak and give attention to what you ‘want’

  • Recognizing emotions and energy of people around you

  • Living more in the present

  • Developing an attitude of appreciation

  • Learning how to create your own life experiences