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living in freedom and joy

Emotional Well-being

Give yourself an emotional detox as you explore your inner-self, and get your life moving in the direction of what you DO want.

The goal is the journey over there; the goal is the fun you have along the way, on your way to over there.

~ Abraham-Hicks

If you feel your life isn't working, you're in pain, and you want help getting back on track, then it's time to Clear the Clutter.  Clutter isn't only about physical stuff, but mental and emotional as well.  It's about transmuting energy that does not serve you in the here and now – an act of self-care, and a holistic practice of letting go, and living from a place of clarity and mindfulness.


On the other hand, if you feel your life isn't working as well as you'd like, and you want help becoming the best you can be, then it's time to Dream BIG! To Dream BIG is to be willing to go beyond the limits of the mind and create a magnificent life for oneself.   

Clear the Clutter with Transpersonal Therapy

Transpersonal therapy integrates cognitive techniques with spiritual aspects in the exploration of the inner-self. It facilitates the process of moving past unpleasant life experiences, fear, worry, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, depression, addictions, health conditions, etc. 

Our holistic approach focuses on exploring and assimilating thoughts, beliefs and emotions with personal life experiences, facilitates making peace with who you are and where you are in life. You progressively move from awareness, through acceptance to inspired action that allows well-being to flow.

The primary tool is cognitive – talking with your therapist, and creating that therapeutic bond of trust, acceptance and understanding.  Other tools include Focusing, Energy Tapping, Breath work, Relaxation, Visualization, Walk-talk therapy and Hypnotherapy. These blended techniques work on the client’s goals through both a conscious behavioral and a subconscious level so that the mind and being are congruent and working together.

Dream BIG with Life Coaching
life coaching

Life coaching is an amazing process that empowers you to realize your dreams and goals, making it a tremendous investment in yourself. It focuses on not just achieving your goals, but on flowing and aligning your energies.  This helps create new ways of thinking and new habits. You learn to say YES to yourself, and be deliberate in your choices. The process moves you from desire to inspired action and toward success. You learn to feel satisfied with what is, but eager and excited at what lies ahead.

As your Partner and Coach, Yolanda facilitates the self-awareness and clarity you need for success. Her style is that of ease, as she helps you learn to make choices that move you forward.

These exclusive sessions spread over 12 weeks, create a comfortable space for you to explore your goals and strategies, as well as work through limiting beliefs, fears, and conditions. It helps you realize your dreams, with ease and purpose. Each session offers an uplifting way to nurture your whole self and guide you towards a new way of thinking and living. But most importantly, it gives you back your power – making work, relationships and life in general more enjoyable and more meaningful.

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