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Meditation Class

A Better Life

Self-help from your Total Self

06/07 Mar 2021 - 27/28 Mar 2021

A Better Life is like a window to yourself, carefully structured to empower you on your own wellness journey... Explore...

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Joy of Breathing

Know your Breath, Know Yourself

17/18 Apr 2021 - 15/16 May 2021

Joy of Breathing is designed to help you learn the “how-to’s” of better breathing, better health, and the value of oxygen... Explore...

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Let Life Work for You

MORE Joy, Freedom & Growth

20/21 Feb 2021 - 27/28 Mar 2021

Let Life Work for You, teaches you the Art of Allowing. A subtle, but powerful program to more Joy, Freedom and Growth... Explore...

The Gift of Wellness

in the comfort of your home

Hatha Yoga


Flex your mental and physical muscles and strengthen the core of who-you-really-are, as you flow, mold and balance your energy. Practice not to be perfect, but to expand, grow and evolve, because you are an evolving perfection. Explore…

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Empowering You one step at a time, on your own wellness journey, as you learn the art of balancing breath---body---mind, being---doing---having, and joy---freedom---growth, making your life richer, fuller and more meaningful.  Explore…

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Life Coaching

To be the best version you can be, Dream BIG! To Dream Big is to be willing to go beyond the limits of the mind and create a magnificent life for oneself. Life coaching is an amazing process that puts you on this trajectory.  Explore…

The Gift Of Wellness
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Bodywork Therapy

Give yourself a Wellness Treat, with bodywork therapies that are holistic and a great way to take care of self, enhance well-being and leverage from your breath---body---mind intelligence.  Explore…

Therapy Session

Transpersonal Therapy

Give yourself a holistic detox, with transpersonal therapy that helps you process energies that do not serve you. It's an act of self--care, as you explore your inner-self and get your life back on track. Explore…


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