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Meditating in Nature

Self-Care IS
Better than Cure

Come Nurture Yourself in Nature

One Joyful Thought at a Time

Co-Creating My Life

Our first publication!


Strengthen your relationship with Yourself - one Happy Nugget a Day. 


This book is an invitation to deliberately co-create your life – one joyful thought at a time...  Look Inside...

My experience with Shalom Wellness has been holistic, enriching and fulfilling to say the least. Besides role modelling the desired behaviors, Yolanda and John have inspired me in more ways than one. Their ability to articulate the wellness practices, clarify queries of the co-creators and give them the necessary nudge to be consistent with their practice is impeccable. Their approach to wellness is comprehensive and enables co-creators to truly be in alignment with WHO-THEY-REALLY-ARE.

Sailakshmi Arunachalam

Sr. Consultant, Bangalore

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