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Meditating in Nature

Care IS

Better than Cure

One Joyful Thought at a Time

Co-create Your Own Life

Co-Creating My Life_cover1_rev5 3D_edite

Our first publication!


Strengthen your relationship with Yourself - one Happy Nugget a Day. 


This book is an invitation to deliberately co-create your life – one joyful thought at a time... 
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From the Comfort of Home

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Meditation Class

A Better Life

Self-help from your Total Self

Nov 05/06, 2022 - Nov 26/27, 2022

Sat/Sun, 09:00 - 10:30 hrs. IST

A Better Life is like a window to yourself, carefully structured to empower you on your own wellness journey... Explore...

Girl Relaxing

Joy of Breathing

Know your Breath, Know Yourself

Jan 07/08, 2023 - Feb 04/05, 2023

Sat/Sun, 10:30- 11:30 hrs.

Joy of Breathing is designed to help you learn the “how-to’s” of better breathing, better health, and the value of oxygen... Explore...

Image by Zac Durant

Let Life Work for You

MORE Joy, Freedom & Growth

Mar 04/05, 2023 - Apr 08/09, 2023

Sat/Sun 10:30 - 12:00 hrs. IST

Let Life Work for You, teaches you the Art of Allowing. A subtle, but powerful program for more Joy, Freedom and Growth... Explore...

The Gift of Wellness

Give Yourself

Hatha Yoga

General Well-being

Flex your mental and physical muscles and strengthen the core of who-you-really-are, as you flow, mold and balance your energy. Practice, not to become perfect, but to expand, grow and evolve, because you are an evolving perfection. Explore…


Physical Well-being

Give yourself a Wellness Treat, with bodywork therapies that are relaxing and rejuvenating. They're also a great way to detox and take care of self, enhance well-being and leverage from your breath---body---mind intelligence.  Explore…

Therapy Session

Emotional Well-being

Give yourself an emotional detox, with transpersonal therapies that help you process and let go of energies that do not serve you. It's an act of self--care, as you explore your inner-self and get your life back on track. Explore…

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All is Wellness

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