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About Shalom



Empowering You

Breath, Body & Mind


Well-being is about the balance of one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state of being. In other words, it’s about aligning our energies with who-we-really-are –– joyful Beings on this wonderful adventure called Life. 

Shalom Wellness, founded in 2009, takes a holistic approach, in empowering you to flow, mold and balance your own energy.  We believe that care is better than cure.  Care offers the emotion of love, appreciation, empowerment and fun, all of which align with our very purpose of life – Joy!


We also believe that our natural state of being is happy, healthy, whole and complete.  So in essence, to take care is to allow the energy of love to flow to us and through us, keeping us in balance and harmony with who-we-really-are.


Our holistic and experiential approach hinges on taking deliberate care to enhance our state of being. We facilitate positive change in oneself, one’s life and one’s relationships, progressively moving from Awareness through Acceptance, to Allowing – all the while Empowering You.

Our Method

The best gift you can give to yourself is the gift of self-empowerment. Our breath, body and mind techniques introduce natural methods, uniting body and mind to enhance and inspire wellness in all areas of one’s life.

Healthy lungs

Own your Breath

Breathing is a big part of our well-being. Deep breathing expands awareness of body and mind, and is the most common way to promote relaxation and enhance energy levels. In all our practices, workshops and therapy sessions, we focus on helping you realize the power of your breath, and to also strengthen your relationship with it.  

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Calm your Mind

To calm the mind is to go within and discover the true essence of your being, to let go of facades, limiting thoughts and beliefs, and to re-discover your true self,  We focus on helping you slow down the mental traffic and to detox the mind, through the process of Meditation, Deep relaxation, guided imagery and much more....

Yoga asana

Love your Body

Love is where we come from. It is the essence of who we are.  So, to love the body, is to love ourselves. Every body work session, workshop and practice session, helps you release resistance and find relief from everyday stresses, leaving you deeply relaxed and energized, as well as loving yourself just the way you are.

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