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Co-Creating My Life

Co-creating My Life 

Just for Today

366 Inspirational Nuggets to Strengthen
My Relationship with Myself

Print Edition - Hardbound
Print Edition - Paperback

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Strengthen your Relationship with Yourself, One Happy Nugget a Day.


This book is an invitation to deliberately co-create your life – one joyful thought at a time.  These 366 nuggets are simple, fun, and yet powerful, as they inspire you to better ways of thinking, feeling and living.  They reinforce your own goodness and worthiness, thus raising your vibration. They have been written in a way that holds your attention on pure positive thoughts for as little as 68 seconds each time you read it. (68 seconds of pure focus is what it takes to create vibrationally).

Using this book as your companion day after day and year after year will help you deepen your relationship with Yourself as well as enhance your perspective of life.


Enjoy co-creating…just for today.

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