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View of Nandi Hills


with Shalom

nestled in Canterbury Castles

near Nandi Hills

Relax, Refresh and Reclaim

your joyful state of being

amidst this tranquil space spanning
112 acres, and brimming with abundant oxygen and positive energy.  

Truly a slice of heaven on earth!

A curated experience for individuals, couples, families and friends — with a focus on reclaiming your joyful state of being as you nurture yourself in nature.

Often times, doing nothing can be the greatest gift to oneself.


With Shalom Wellcations you get to do nothing but rest, relax and reclaim your joyful state of being. All in the safe and nurturing environs of nature, punctuated with the chirping of birds, breathtaking sunrises, sunsets and twilight skies, the whispering winds, the silence of the night and the warm embrace of the Nandi Hills.


From a day out to overnight plans, to group retreats, our Wellcations address your well-being, through a blend of wellness treats, therapies, transformative workshops, and the magic of nature.


Quieting the mind and relaxing into stillness not only grounds you in the present, but also helps you find clarity as you calibrate with your true self.


With tools and practices for everyday living, you learn the value of doing less and being more.

Accommodation @Shalom


to satisfy Mind-Body-Spirit

BETA: Family Daycation

A perfect day out to relax and replenish in nature through a blend of wellness treats, therapies, and the magic of nature.

ALPHA : Family Wellcation

Balance and harmonize through a blend of wellness treats, therapies, and the many facets of nature, with this overnight plan.

(Max. 7 days, 7 nights)

Coming Soon

GAMMA: Group Daycation

THETA: Yoga Wellcation

DELTA: Holistic Wellcation

Thai Yoga Bodywork


to complete your Wellcation

Thai Hand Reflexology

Thai Foot Reflexology

Thai Yoga Bodywork

AcuChair Therapy

Singing Bowl Therapy

Life Coaching

Cognitive therapy

Walk-Talk therapy




Online classes (the day's treat)

Breathtaking sunset


when you Nurture in Nature

Comfortable accommodation


Healthy air quality
A clean, green environment to

walk, jog and cycle

Indoor family games

Ample parking space

Swimming Pool access


Power backup

24x7 water supply (hot & cold)

24x7 security

What Co-creators have to say

Flower garden

Since I returned to the US last week, a friend asked me what was the highlight of my trip to Bangalore. Certainly one of the best parts of my six weeks in India during January and February was the three days I spent at Shalom. You both are such kind and thoughtful hosts. The food was fantastic, including my requested brinjal fresh from your garden! The air was fresh, the greenery amazing, and the sounds of nature calming. Of course, I felt totally pampered after the Thai Yoga Bodywork and Foot Reflexology sessions. And all I needed to do after the session was to make my way across the hall into my peaceful bedroom to relax! The bedrooms are designed and decorated for the comfort of your guests. I also enjoyed walking on the grounds of Canterbury Castles among the trees and flowers. It was like being at my own private resort. I thank you both for your attention and care.

Ellen Duggger, 

Columbia, Missouri, USA

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