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children in yoga class

A Better ME

If Life is but a journey, then we must let it be Lively, Inspiring, Fun and Empowering

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” 
~ Dalai Lama



A Better Me is an experiential journey that does both – entertain and inform in a Lively, Inspiring, Fun and Empowering manner. It’s an inspired formula that combines Yoga, Breathing, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Imagination, EFT, fun processes and games.  

Key concepts that are taught are: (i) Life is a journey to be enjoyed (ii) we become what we practice, and (iii) we are powerful creators.

The workshop is designed and delivered over 8 weeks, to help children have fun on their journey of self-discovery. Acknowledging and embracing their fears, negative thinking, and the pressures of teasing and bullying, are some of the things they are encouraged to share and work through, to build SELF (Self-esteem, Love and Freedom).

The structure gives children a platform to express themselves freely as well as build new habits of mindfulness that can serve them as they go through life. In an environment that is safe, non-judgmental and unconditional, children also develop a sense of trust, and are more willing to express their thoughts and emotions. There are no text books, no exams, no competing, and no expectations, just consistent learning from their own practice and that of the group.  


Everything taught is to help children grow personally and academically, as well as maintain or improve their overall state of well-being.

What your child will experience

  • Creating new thought patterns, habits and behaviours

  • Developing creative and positive attitudes

  • Focusing on desires and solutions

  • Achieving better results with less effort

  • Creating more time for extra-curricular activities

  • Planning their work, and working their plan

  • Improving social and communicative skills

  • Working through stress, bullying, peer/study pressure, etc...

Workshop Information

  • For ages: 8 -14 years

  • Live online Workshop with access from any part of the world

  • 8 90-minute live segments of learning spread over 2 months

  • 3 90-minute monthly meets spread over the next 3 months

  • A Better ME Guide and workbook

  • Fun processes, exercises, games and journaling to empower the SELF

  • Audio recordings of meditations and relaxations

  • Ways to join the Chain of Joy banner

children in meditation

Who will benefit from this Workshop

  • There is no pre-requisite, so every child can benefit from growing into a better version of Self.​

  • Children experiencing peer pressure, study pressure, bullying, or emotional discord like fear, anger, etc.

  • Children who are highly energetic or restless can also benefit from learning how to creatively channelize their energy.

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