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Joy and freedom

Let Life Work for You

It’s time to have the time of your life,

in the time of your life!

"The purpose of life is Joy. The basis of life is freedom.

The result of life is growth and expansion.

~ Abraham-Hicks

Workshop Information

  • Live virtual sessions with access from any part of the world

  • 12 120-minute live segments of learning spread over 12 weeks

  • 8 60-minute live virtual weekly Vortex meditations over 2 months

  • 1 180-minute live monthly Allowers’ Workshop

  • Let Life Work for You Guide and workbook

  • Fun processes and games to
    get into the Vortex

  • Audio recordings of meditations and songs

  • 100 ways to get into the Vortex poster

Girl experiencing freedom


Let Life Work for You, as the name suggests is about allowing the energy that creates worlds to guide our lives. A subtle, but powerful workshop, it empowers you as you rediscover the joyful being you really are; develop a better relationship with Yourself; and allow well-being to flow to you and through you. In other words, tuning in to your guidance and ‘feeling’ your way to well-being and happiness.


During these twelve weeks, you will learn how Breathing, Meditation and Journaling can help you utilize and strengthen this Guidance System to truly Let Life Work for You.  While understanding and practicing the three powerful Laws of the Universe, you begin to discover who-you-really-are and what true freedom is.


The workshop is fun as we combine concepts, meditation and journaling with fun processes and games that one can weave into everyday life to practice. This will help you release resistance and enhance your creativity and intuition; increase self-worth and improve your point of attraction. As you learn to let go and live in the present, you begin to experience a powerful unfolding of experiences, that serve as evidence that you are Letting Life work for you. 

The workshop is based on our own life’s journey, personal practice and experience with the Teachings of Abraham-Hicks, that changed our lives and continues to do so every day. As you embrace new perspectives, realizations and experiences, in a safe and unconditional environment, you learn to consistently tell the story of what you DO want – MORE Joy, Freedom and Expansion.

What you will experience

  • A greater understanding of the powerful Laws of the Universe

  • How to deliberately create and live a meaningful life

  • Tuning into your emotional guidance

  • Finding clarity through contrast

  • Discovering who-you-really-are and what true freedom means

  • Experiencing the power to be, do or have whatever you desire

  • Practicing the art of allowing

  • Co-creating MORE Joy, Freedom and Expansion

Who will benefit from this Workshop

If you enjoy thinking and talking in terms of energy, frequency and vibration, and intend to raise your day-to-day life experience, then you are ready to Let Life Work for You. You will benefit tremendously if you approach this as an adventurous journey, and with the openness of a child on this beautiful playground of Life.


This workshop is also for you, if you are also ready to take responsibility of being the sole creator of your life experiences. And particularly beneficial for those wanting to strike a balance between joy, freedom and growth, be it at work, home or life in general.

Progressive Learning

Weekly: Vortex Time

Eligibility: Let Life Work for You


Saturdays:  08:00 - 09:00 AM

Creating time to meditate is an enjoyable and inspiring way to relax the body, calm the mind and connect to your Total-Self.  Coming together in a group to meditate is a whole new experience. As Gabrielle Bernstein reminds us, “The shared intention of the group elevates each individual.  When one or more gather with the intention to heal and grow, great shifts can occur.”  This time together not only guides you through the process of meditation, but also helps you learn to deal with what comes into your awareness. Each week the group engages in a shared theme, intentions, guided meditation, a fun process, as well as learning from each other's life experiences.

Bi-Monthly : Allowers Workshop

Eligibility: Let Life Work for You


First Sun: 10:00 - 01:00 PM

The Art of Allowing is about coming into alignment with Who-You-Really-Are.  It is unconditional love! 


Our monthly meet is about the Art of Allowing. It’s called an art because it takes practice and consistency to change our vibrations relative to different subjects. As we come together with the shared intention of learning, sharing and co-creating, the result is fun, freedom, expansion and becoming more allowing of well-being, and of others. What unfolds is leading edge stuff. It’s magical and inspiring, leaving each one with a newer perspective, and a deeper awareness of self and of life.

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