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My Tryst with my Inner Self

Tryst with my innerself

My tryst with my inner self commenced a couple of years ago when I attended a cognitive therapy session at Shalom Wellness. Since then, I have been hooked to their mindfulness practices, particularly the weekly meditations and the co-creation that follows. These sessions enhance my self-awareness and deepen my relationship with myself. It helps me revisit my beliefs on several topics such as money, health, and relationships etc. One of my crucial takeaways is to set strong positive intentions/affirmations on any chosen aspect of my life that I wish to manifest. Just penning down my thoughts on “what I want” restores so much power in me and my capabilities. This also serves as a wonderful platform to meet kindred, positively dispositioned souls. Listening to others’ perspectives and experiences is a huge value addition to my journey of self-discovery.

This format is holistic, providing participants the space to introspect individually and then co-create with a larger audience. The topic for every session is carefully chosen by the facilitators, Yolanda and John, who have a deep understanding of the pulse of the group. They are the most enlightened individuals I have ever come across. They are deeply embedded in the practice and their expertise shines through in their responses to some of the vague questions posed by the group. They are honest and deliberate about empowering the participants to lead a mindful and joyous life.

When I started my wellness journey a couple of years ago, I was riddled with anxiety and the need to control every variable in my life. With concerted efforts to declutter my mind through these sessions, I am learning to let go and trust the process of life. Even though there have been setbacks and moments of doubt during this journey (as is the case when new habits get formed), I have managed to overcome them with the support of the facilitators and my fellow co-creators. I walk away from every single session feeling more powerful. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on the past week and reset my body and mind for the week ahead.

The fundamental tenet of the weekly meditation is to reclaim one’s natural state of well-being. I can say with utmost confidence that my outlook towards wellness and relaxation has evolved. I have developed comfort with being present to my thoughts and learning to view them as passing clouds. This is a huge shift for me, given that I’ve been used to overthinking and worrying about the future. One of the key life lessons that I acquire through these sessions (and will continue to practice) is believing in the power of NOW and savouring every moment! Shalom Wellness to me is like the lighthouse on a beach, constantly guiding me towards leading a better and fuller life.

Sailakshmi Arunachalam

Bangalore, India

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