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Care is Better than Cure

Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Many of us remember this old adage when it comes to our homes and our vehicles, but do we always remember our health this way?

Care is better than cure

Good health is our true wealth. As children, a large majority of us enjoy good health, strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, vitality and fitness, and therefore thrive. As adults, we tend to get bogged down with the daily stresses of life, are low on energy and therefore strive. More often than not, we ignore the body’s subtle messages that come in the form of tiredness, tension, pain or discomfort, until they manifest as illnesses. We all know the intensity of fear, worry and ‘what ifs’ that we experience, as we set about looking for healing and a cure.

The good news is ‘care’ is not a daunting task, and offers the emotion of appreciation, empowerment and fun. Creating a little time for Self every day can go a long way in maintaining the health one already has. In the silence of our hearts, we can connect to who we truly are and receive true guidance – guidance that helps us align our mind-body-spirit connection.

The beautiful mind is a treasure house of brilliance, great power and amazing faculties, that once tapped into, can be taught how to flow more energy to what we do want. The amazing body – the most sophisticated chemical factory in the world, is filled with tremendous wisdom and healing, and is very attentive – constantly listening and responding to our thoughts, conversations and the environment we are in. It knows how to keep us in balance and harmony. The question is, “Do we pay enough attention to the body’s subtle messages and requests and do we listen to our inner guidance?” Guidance comes to us in the form of emotion, and e-motion is nothing but energy in motion. Therefore, what we choose to observe, think, speak, believe, act upon and feel affects the physical body. In other words, our habitual patterns of focusing on what we do want or on what we don’t want, is a flowing of energy and generates positive or negative emotional responses.

In learning to tune in to this inner guidance, we become more deliberate in making ‘better feeling’ choices for the body and mind. A daily menu of breath-body-mind exercises, quieting the mind, positive self talk and deliberate intentions to feel good, will yield great health benefits. Conscious deep breathing helps us take in more delicious oxygen that serves as fuel for the cells in the body. Exercising our mental and physical muscles enhances our general state of well-being, allowing us to lead the magnificent and abundant lives that we are meant to live.

~ Yolanda Gonsalves

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