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From Fear to Freer

Abraham® reminds us that “The basis of life is freedom, the purpose or goal is joy and the result of that perfect combination is motion forward  of growth and expansion.”

Freedom takes on a different perspective for each one of us, simply because each one perceives differently – through the beliefs we pick up from our culture, our religion and our own life experiences.  For some freedom means living in a free country, expressing oneself freely, enjoying safety and security.  For some others, freedom comes when they are one with whatever they are focused upon – perhaps playing a sport, a musical instrument, singing, dancing, painting, physical exercise, or just walking on a beautiful beach, watching a sunrise or sunset.  It’s like time stands still and satisfaction speeds up.

However, these moments of freedom are often limited to that specific time-space.  When we return to the flow of everyday life, we often return to patterns of feeling restless, fearful, confined, trying hard to fit in, feeling controlled by the musts, shoulds, ifs and buts.  In our quest for freedom from all these conditions, we sometimes end up creating more fear, more insecurity, more resistance, more limitations, more self sabotage, feeling more tied down than free.  Yes, we’ve come to realize that we are so free that we can even choose bondage.

True freedom comes when we begin to align with the realities of life.  It is a state of presence, of joy and expansion that isn’t conditioned by circumstances.  It’s when we hold no one responsible for the way we feel.  It is a state where life becomes meaningful, when the feeling of doubt fades and is replaced with trust, when fear fades and is replaced with love.  It is the freedom we were all born with – the freedom to be, do or have whatever we desire, the freedom to feel good, the freedom to choose, the freedom to explore infinite possibilities, the freedom to love, the freedom to live our lives freely and fearlessly, from a place of unconditional love.

Freedom from is a very important and deliberate step towards reclaiming our freedom to.  As we begin to free ourselves from the bondage of fear, our past, our negative experiences, and learn to make peace with or forgive ourselves and others, we clean up resistant thought patterns.  As these old patterns or conditioning of living in resistance soften and dissolve, we begin to experience our freedom to. This however takes consistent practice of allowing, of focusing and flowing our energies towards what we want – our freedom to.

The good news is that this freedom is within each one of us.  It is the freedom to choose in every moment, no matter what. In fact, the knowledge that each one of us creates our own reality and, that we can feel the way we choose to feel, is in itself truly liberating.

~ Yolanda Gonsalves

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