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I healed my body, by training my mind

About a year and a half ago, I developed persistent stomach cramps and acidity that grew worse as the months went by. I lost my appetite, my hair began falling in clumps, I developed various infections and ended up taking four courses of antibiotics in just as many months. None of the doctors I visited could figure out what was wrong. Mentally exhausted, with fears of health crises and hospitals crowding my mind, I grew increasingly anxious, fretful, and frustrated. My self-confidence plummeted, and my overall outlook on life grew rather bleak.

Around October last year, my Dad (a Shalom veteran) nudged me to return to Shalom. I say ‘return’ because I did their “Let Life Work for You” program earlier, which was greatly beneficial to my health and well-being. Besides, I could also see the difference in my Dad’s emotional, mental and physical health. I wanted that too – so badly.

In retrospect, I think it was really divine guidance that led me back to Shalom because within just three sessions with Yolanda, meditating and putting into practice some of the tools and processes that she offered, my physical conditions resolved and I became calmer, more positive, and more trusting of life. Since then, I’ve only gotten better. Of course, there are days when it seems like I’m slipping, but I now feel much more empowered in finding my balance. It’s remarkable to watch how my body responds to my thoughts. The better I feel emotionally and mentally, the healthier I feel physically.

Shalom, today, is my happy place. It’s a space that I enter feeling hopeful, and leave feeling lighter and happier. I eagerly look forward to our Saturday meditations and monthly Allowers Meets, not only for the insights and peace that they bring me, but also for the opportunity to be part of a group where everyone encourages, uplifts and grows together. If I’m healthy today, it’s largely due to the support and insights I’ve received from Shalom in training my mind, and for that, I am truly thankful.

~ Aruna Zachariah

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