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Know your breath, Know yourself

As we are experiencing the benefits of deep breathing, understanding the value of more oxygen in our life, and realizing that oxygen IS the wonder drug for all of us, we find ourselves talking about and emphasizing more and more on the importance of deep, conscious breathing.

We all know that breath is a vital element for us; that breathing is the single most important function of our body; that our intelligent body takes care of our breathing; that our lungs have tremendous capacity to take in more air. The question is: Do we breathe correctly? Do we breathe enough? The truth is, 9 out of 10 of us aren’t.

With less air in our body, there is less oxygen, less fuel and less energy. The quality of our life depends on the quantity of air we take in. As children, we breathe fully and correctly. In the process of life’s changes, and all the drama and trauma we put ourselves through, we forget to take in fuller breaths. Quite often we feel tired, fall sick, lack focus and attention, feel bad, think negative thoughts and are pessimistic about everyone and everything around us. Our bodies feel heavy and our minds are confused, leaving us with a lack of energy, interest, excitement and a zest for life.

Deep, deliberate, conscious belly breathing is the answer to all this – the answer to living happier, freer, healthier and a more abundant life. Deep belly breathing is vital to our well-being, because when we inhale, we receive oxygen – the fuel for the cells in our body, and when we exhale, we release toxins and body waste. Yes, 70% of our toxins are released through breathing.

Oxygen repairs our cells, feeds our brains and calms our nerves. It restores our metabolism, changes our body chemistry, transforms the cellular structure and also enhances our energy levels. We build a close bond with our body and begin to listen to its wisdom. As Pam Grout (Breathing Coach and New York Times best-selling author) says, ‘Oxygen IS the big Kahuna!”

So again, are you breathing correctly? Try this: “Place one hand on your chest, the other on your abdomen. Now breathe as you normally would. What’s moving, the hand on the chest or abdomen? If the hand on your chest is moving instead of the hand on the abdomen, then your breathing is incorrect.”

It’s time then to correct the way you breathe, to retrain yourself and learn how to breathe fully and properly.

~ John Gonsalves

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