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Life Begins at the end of the Comfort Zone

That murky sense of restlessness you experience, that sort of void you feel, even though everything’s going well, you’re sailing through life on cruise control, one day flowing into the next with steadfast rhythm, everything just the way you want it to be – well, that’s a sign. That restlessness is a sign that you’re reaching the end of your comfort zone. It’s a sign that you’re content for now, but eager for more of life. It’s a sign that you are seeking growth, a sign of new desire. And each of those signs are leading to excitement, eagerness, adventure – all outside your comfort zone. For many of us, the banter of thoughts that often follow the initial excitement of something new or different is “Why? Why upset the apple cart? Why stir things up? I’m comfortable. Why change?”, followed by more ‘What ifs’, worries and fears. Staying put inside your comfort zone is like buying a high-powered engine and keeping it locked in the garage, or driving it around town on cruise control. You would want to explore and enjoy its efficiency ,capabilities, and power, right? Well, we are also high-powered energy-beings, with life force surging through us, all day every day, waiting to explore the infinite possibilities of life. All we have to do is summon that energy. We are here for a purpose – one of joy and adventure. We are meant for greater things, for the extra-ordinary. Sure, the comfort zone is a beautiful and safe place (or so we imagine), but nothing ever grows there (except resistance of course). Nothing grows, because nothing changes and change IS growth. The paradox of the Comfort Zone is that we are truly not comfortable in there. We just get comfortable complaining, being bored, frustrated, worried, afraid and insecure. Stepping out of the C-Zone does not always mean taking a leap of faith or doing radically different things. It means being eager and willing to play, grow and expand with life. This begins with baby steps, chipping off the walls of fear and limiting beliefs, to explore a little more every day. It means doing everyday things differently to keep your love for life alive. For starters, try a different route to work, or do as many things as you can with your non-dominant hand and see how much fun you get out of it. As Brian Tracy says, “Move out of your comfort zone. You can grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new”.

~ Yolanda Gonsalves

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