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11.12.13 – an unusual date indeed! Our date with Shalom started on this day when Sashi and I enrolled for Yoga. Sashi, a veteran badminton player, sportsman, and enthusiastic biker, was sceptical about the benefits of yoga and not serious enough to take it up as a practice. I, on the other hand, always knew that Yoga was the key to wellness and health, but was neither disciplined, nor had I found a good place to start.

As we both set out on our SHALOM journey, it took us just a few sessions to realise that our choice was right. These past three years, Yoga has become a big part of our lives and no matter what happens, we surely do not like to miss class. We love being called life members!

Each session is a perfect mix and balance of warm ups, breathing, stretching, Surya Namaskars, a series of Asanas and relaxation. We especially look forward to Yoga Nidra and meditation. Rain or shine, late night or travel returned, nothing stops us from attending the Yoga class, for we know that even if we walk in exhausted, we will walk out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The positive affirmations and their motto that ‘Life is supposed to be fun’ remind us to be in joy every moment.

John and Yolanda – truly a brilliant team. We are inspired by their dedication, discipline and cheerfulness; always innovative and positive in their approach, ever enthusiastic and energetic. And a special mention indeed about the clean, tidy and uncluttered space that we walk into.

Our deepest appreciation to Shalom for inspiring wellness in our daily lives in body, mind and spirit, for leading us from cure to care and for making us happier and healthier persons.

~ Sujatha & Sashidhar

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