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May you be...

There’s a different energy around us as summer, summer camps and vacations draw to an end. Yes, school chale hum!

Another new beginning, a new journey and adventure, a new environment, new teachers and friends, new books, uniforms and lots of new school paraphernalia. Drive through the city and you’ll notice that every mall, book store, and just about everyone selling school stuff exudes the same energy. Combined with all this are our thoughts and expectations, our worries and fears of what will be – ‘Will our children enjoy studying?’ ‘Is learning fun for them?’ ‘Will they do well?’ ‘What if…’ As we engage in such thoughts, we are indeed setting forth intentions and the Universal forces respond by bringing us evidence of what we’re thinking and feeling.

Sure, we have no control over anyone but self, which means we cannot create another’s life, but we can be powerful influencers. We can, through the power of positive thought contribute in creating a happy and healthy environment for another. If you’re a student, teacher, staff or management reading this, here’s what we and all our co-creators at Shalom wish for you:

May you be happy, healthy, safe and successful. May you learn and grow together. May you choose to enjoy every day at school. May you be more allowing. May you respect everyone as individuals. May all the knowledge you desire, come to you easily and effortlessly. May you have faith in yourself. May you excel in whatever you do. May you choose to be kind, over being right. May you have fun and follow your happiness.

Go ahead, give it a try and watch what happens. Do this for yourself as well (of course changing May you to May I).Miracles begin to happen as you play this game every day.

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