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My Wellness Journey Continues

Most of us do not believe that being well is our natural state of being. Well neither did I, until I boarded the Shalom train. It's been three years and my journey continues with life only getting better. Believe me, this isn’t a lonesome journey. We’re a bunch of enthusiastic co-creators on board, and all of us have got the taste of this elixir called ‘Well-being’, and cannot settle for anything less.

It all began, when I accompanied my wife to Shalom to enrol her for Yoga, and I curiously enquired about their various programs. Looking back I believe I was sub-consciously asking for something like this and the universe led me to their Let Life Work for You program. I’m also part of their Yoga, Acupressure, Reflexology, Weekly Meditations, Allowers Meet, and it’s been a pivoting turn from one extreme to the other.

My physical health has improved in leaps and bounds. I find myself more flexible and energetic with each passing day. Aches and pains that were my companions have moved on. The varicose veins in my feet are much better. My Blood Pressure’s under control and my blood parameters are the envy of my doctor.

On an emotional level I have come to believe in myself, knowing that things are working out for me. I’ve discovered a new friend ‘The Real Me’. I’ve truly realised that I am precious, valuable, worthy, divinely protected, loved, provided for and a power house of potential. Faith in the Universe and being in frequency with my Source allows me to an extent to ‘see the invisible, believe the unbelievable, and receive the impossible’.

This journey would not have been possible without the constant prodding of two wonderful people, John and Yolanda. I call them my Gurujis. Their contagious smile, enthusiasm and guidance keep us on board. The rapport they maintain with each one of us, the energy they put into the programs, especially the Allowers Meet is truly to be appreciated. I consider it a great privilege to be a seeker here. As Abraham reminds us: “What's the big hurry? Lighten up. Laugh more. Appreciate more. All is well". And my wellness journey continues...

~ Zachariah John

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