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The Art of Doing Nothing

Who would’ve thought doing nothing can transform your life!

I have been on a beautiful journey with Yolanda, John and my other co-creators for the last two years. We have grown with each passing day and exponentially at that! Shalom has added so much value to my life and to me as a person that I cannot describe in a few words. It has been a journey that has enhanced the quality of my life, the joys I experience and the appreciation I have for everything around me.

You may wonder, how could ‘doing nothing’ transform your life?! One must try it to believe it. It takes patience to do nothing AND be okay about it. We've learnt that literally ‘dropping’ the pushing against and fighting for things to happen, help them come more easily. When you let things be, and allow them to unfold on their own, the entire journey to your desire becomes a pleasure. It’s about keeping your mind focussed on what you want, trusting, believing and watching the universe orchestrate its manifestation. The other aspect of ‘doing nothing’ – which I truly enjoy these days, is taking time off just to be by oneself, enjoying that state of being, watching the world go by – a sense of contentment, of absolute bliss.

Each month as we meet I go back with something in me that has shifted and some spark going off in my head!

I have begun to understand that life is as easy as you want it to be and everything falls in perfect place at the perfect time. The art of allowing life to work for you and not trying to solve everything is going to be a life long journey for me. Shalom has taught us that sometimes doing nothing is exactly what you should do!

~ Meena Ganatra

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