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The Measure of My Success is Joy

Everything that everyone desires is for one reason only: they believe they will feel good in the having of it.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

These words speak to me every time, and in a way that resonates on so many different levels, and in so many different instances in my life.  Scenes of my life flash before me as I write this, recalling the many choices I’ve made, decisions on friendships and relationships, jobs I’ve changed, money earned, money spent.  Each time, these words reach me so fully, and so powerfully.  Most times it’s a reinforcement of my beliefs and my alignment with my own guidance system. At other times, it’s a reminder that I’m out of whack – allowing fear, worry, other negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and the conditions around me to determine how I feel.  I’ve come to love and appreciate these reminders, aware that it’s always the call of Source (God, Higher Intelligence) guiding and nudging me back onto the path of least resistance, reminding me that ‘Nothing is more important than that I feel good.’

The path of least resistance is the path of joy. It’s about choosing better feeling thoughts; it’s about what makes me feel good; it’s about enjoying the experience of the choices I make.  Even when I decide to go along with someone else’s plan, I know I can choose whether to enjoy the experience and the learning, or not.  It’s about being receptive and following the impulses – my true guidance; it’s about being connected to Source.  I know that this path is not always easy, logical or practical, but with practice, patience and perseverance, it definitely becomes more satisfying. It feels good. It feels natural. It feels right. It’s exhilarating, as it propels me forward.  Inspired thoughts and actions flow with ease, culminating in more joyous life experiences – everyday miracles, so to speak.

Speaking of miracles, the unfolding of my life feels like one.  Every day feels better, every life experience is more delicious, and every contrast is a gift of personal growth. Things are unfolding with precise orchestration of time and place, (thank you Universe) and with much more ease and flow. An example of this was my dream to explore my passion for culinary arts, which has come about in the guise of Palate Perks, constantly choosing to have lots of fun, trusting that the path is unfolding beneath my feet.

Every morning I remind myself of two things – that the joy is in the JOurneY, not the destination, and to let Joy be the only the measure of my success. ~ Yolanda Gonsalves

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