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When I began to let life unfold for me

As I write this story, I feel thrilled to be the chosen one, and incredulous at the thought that I should be the one to have a life like this. Even as a teenager, I had many questions – Why are some people phenomenally successful while others just pass by? Why are even fewer people so happy, while others are so miserable? Could it really be possible that some divine force up there has decided that some people should have a great life, while others wallow in misery? Could this Divine force really be so mean?

Over time, some of these questions transformed into beliefs. I couldn't see then that it was my own limiting thoughts, my own writings on my wall that were making my beliefs more concrete, turning them into my reality. I joined ‘Let Life Work for You‘ when I was at a very bad place in my life – postpartum depression, a feeling of being stuck in life, no job, a plethora of illnesses and a constant dissatisfaction with the fact that all this should happen to me when I am just 24! Had you asked me to explain my problem then, I couldn't have put it into words. It was a feeling of being sunken most of the time, while a small happy thought was like coming up for air.

I am so glad for the Divine intervention that led me to this program. Slowly but surely, I was able to release resistance to some things. I became so much more accepting of my life and all its components. With acceptance came recovery, and release. Today, I am able to consciously choose what I want in my life, and attract it to myself. When I want a project that lets me write about food, I see at least one opportunity every day.

By far the biggest change I have seen is in two areas – my physical state and my professional life. While enrolled in the program, I was battling many health issues which have nearly healed now. I am aware that some amount remains because I still harbour some resistance, and the moment I let go, they will be gone too. I joined yoga with you, wanting to lose the baby weight, and I did. But very soon, I also understood that my weight is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things – a fully functional system with all faculties and senses in place is far more of a miracle to be overshadowed by a few extra kilos.

In my professional life, those associated with me will know that I started out as an event planner, doing a few content writing gigs to support the business. Today, I am a full time content writer, with one employee and with plans to register a company soon. Projects are just flowing to me with mighty force, and I am glad to be going downstream with them. My universal manager is so efficient that when I think 'Universe, I may be going a little too fast' I get a message from a client giving me an extension I didn't ask for. When I say 'Universe, it's a slow month, I'd love to have something to do now', I get projects while I decide to let go and paint my nails.

Who orchestrated this for me? Who prompted me to get married at 20 to the best person I have ever met? Who gave me a happy, healthy child who fills me with such joy? Who guided me gently onto the professional path that is so full of roses today? Who gives me an abundance of air to breathe, food to eat, money to spend as I please, thoughts to put on paper? Who needs no words to communicate, but is always looking after me, holding me in two very capable hands? It is the universe, and I trust the universe to know what I want and guide me and give me all that I desire. The purpose of this life IS joy, and with each passing day, I am getting better at the art of allowing joy in.

~ Hasita Krishna

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