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Accepting yourself as you are is the first step in telling a new story! From then on, it’s all about following your BLISS. In every moment, new desires are born, which help us grow and expand and make life more exciting. Knowing that we are eternal beings, banishes fear from our minds. This opens up new avenues to explore, and wonderful experiences to create.

Many times we’ve experienced that the mountain we were climbing was just a grain of sand, when we left things to our Universal Manager! Things are always working out in our best interest. Stress has reduced to a large extent in our lives, as we remind ourselves that ‘we are too blessed to be stressed’. We have started exploring and enjoying things we’ve always wanted to do. We have learned to respect and accept each other for who we are and what we are. We are letting life work for us, and it is indeed working for us, never against us.

We do have our share of ups and downs, but are learning to accept that contrasts come in our way to help us expand and grow! We have become more allowing of each other and each other’s choices, and have started attracting things that we want into our lives, especially our improved physical health. We’ve come to understand that it’s all about vibration, and find ways to feel good more of the time. We do, sincerely believe now, that we definitely attracted each other!

We can wholeheartedly say that the ‘Let Life Work for You’ program, which equipped us with Meditation and the Art of Allowing techniques have really helped us as a couple, and we recommend that other couples attend it too. Our heartfelt appreciation to Yolanda and John who have been an inspiration for us and all the co-creators on this journey called life.

~ Diana & Julian Reuben

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